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The Best Bed Alarms

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Smart Caregiver brings one of the best bed alarms on the market, with a cordless weight-sensing pad that alerts caregivers when their patients rise from bed. It is used in thousands of nursing home facilities across the world and is trusted for its quality and reliability. Learn about all the features of this unique bed alarm system below, or browse a range of other options.

Our Winner - Wireless Weight-Sensor Pad by Smart Caregiver

This weight-sensing pad by Smart Caregiver can run on batteries or a wall-mounted adapter, letting you use it at home or when traveling.

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Falls are the top cause of serious injury among older adults, making it crucial to protect our elderly loved ones at all hours of the day. Luckily, the best bed alarm pads are made to monitor seniors’ movements while they sleep, letting family and caregivers rest easy knowing they are safe. These devices come in a few different varieties, and each type offers its own strengths and weaknesses. Take a look at our buying guide to learn how to shop smart.

Our Top Picks

Our Winner

Wireless<br>Weight-Sensing Bed Pad

Smart Caregiver

Weight-Sensing Bed Pad

Professional's Pick

Exit<br>Alarm Set


Alarm Set

Top Choice

Fall<br>Prevention System

Sammons Preston

Prevention System

The 4 Best Bed Alarms

ProductBrandTypePowerAlarm Volume SettingsBest Price
Wireless Weight-Sensing Bed PadSmart CaregiverBed PadBattery or Wall4Buy on Amazon
Exit Alarm SetSecureBed PadBattery1Buy on Amazon
Fall Management SystemSammons PrestonTetherBattery2Buy on Amazon
Economy Wireless Monitor and Motion SensorSmart CaregiverMotion SensorBattery3Buy on Amazon

Our Winner: Wireless Weight-Sensing Bed Pad by Smart Caregiver

Smart Caregiver is the leading name in bed alarm pads and this wireless weight-sensing pad is the reason why. It is easy to use, by simply placing the pad on the patient’s mattress near the hips or back and affixing the wall-mounted alarm where the caregiver will hear it. 4 volume settings ensure you can adjust the alarm to your needs, while the sensitive bed pad is tested for reliability. The alarm system runs on either battery or wall power, depending on your preference.

Main Features

  • Uses 3 C batteries, or AC-04E power adapter
  • Wall-mounted wireless alarm
  • 4 volume settings
  • Sensitive bed pad
  • 1-year warranty


  • Design doesn’t encumber patients
  • Alarm unit can be placed anywhere
  • Highest number of volume settings
  • Alarm pad is easy to clean


  • The sensor doesn’t work as well on foam mattresses
  • May be less sensitive over time, with regular use

Professional's Pick: Exit Alarm Set by Secure

This exit alarm system by Secure is a good alternative to other leading models with a few added features that make it a good option. The velcro alarm holder is one useful perk, which lets you place the alarm easily wherever is most convenient. While it only runs on batteries, the low battery indicator is clear and visible, ensuring you never forget to change it. The water-resistant pad is high quality and sensitive enough to count on.

Main Features

  • 12” x 30” bed sensor pad
  • Alarm pad is water-resistant
  • Velcro alarm holder for easy placement
  • 80 dB tamper-resistant alarm system
  • Low battery indicator


  • Alarm unit is loud enough to be heard throughout larger homes
  • Extended battery life
  • Trusted by professional caregivers
  • Pad fits easily on most beds


  • Cannot plug into the wall
  • Only one volume setting

Top Choice: Fall Prevention System by Sammons Preston

If wireless pressure pads aren’t ideal for your fall risk patients, this magnetic fall management system by Sammons Preston may be just the answer. A spring-loaded clip secures to the bed, while the other end is attached to the sleeper. If they try to rise and move about, the tether will be released, setting off the alarm. As a bonus, this system also works well for wheelchairs, sofas, or virtually any other surface.

Main Features

  • Spring-loaded clip alarm
  • Two volume settings
  • 30” long tether
  • Runs on a single 9V battery
  • Tough nylon tether


  • Can be used with wheelchairs and beds
  • Compact unit won’t get in the way
  • Tested fur durability when falling
  • Extra-secure alarm unit that won’t come loose


  • Tether needs to be manually resecured after each use
  • Batteries not included

The Other Bed Alarm We Reviewed

Economy Wireless Monitor and Motion Sensor by Smart Caregiver

Here’s another bed alarm system from Smart Caregiver with a slightly different design. It comes with a wall-mountable motion sensor that can swivel in any direction needed. It has three volume settings, and the alarm monitor can even be connected to up to six different sensors at once. It’s a great choice if your patient finds bed pads too uncomfortable, although some buyers don’t appreciate the fact that motion sensors trigger many false alarms

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Common Bed Alarm Questions

See what others are asking about the best bed alarms.

  • Do Bed Exit Alarms Really Prevent Falls?

    Bed alarms are a highly-effective monitoring system and one of the best defenses against nighttime falls with elderly patients. Nursing home facilities across the world use them regularly to keep their fall risk patients safe. Of course, a bed alarm can only be as effective as the caregiver. You still need to put them back to rest and reset the alarm.

  • How do Bed Exit Alarms Work?

    While there are many different types of bed alarms available today, they all work on the same principle. Whether you have a pad, pull cord, or motion sensor, the alarm is tripped when the fall risk patient leaves the bed or stands up. A signal is then sent to the alarm, which alerts the caregiver, who then rushes to the patient to ensure they are safe.

The Different Types of Bed Exit Alarm

Choosing the best bed alarm system all comes down to which design you prefer. Before making your decision, be sure to consider all of the most common options.

  • Bed Pad

    Bed pads may be the most common type of fall prevention alarm since they are so effective and easy to use. They are positioned under the patient as they sleep and are alerted once the pressure of the patient’s body is lifted. They have the advantage of being reliable, with few false alarms, although some patients may find them uncomfortable.

  • Tether

    This type of bed alarm clips directly to the patient as they sleep with a long pull cord that is attached to a bed-mounted trigger. If the patient rises from bed, the pull cord is pulled from the trigger and the alarm is turned on. This can be a great option if you want an one that will work as both a bed and chair alarm, although the cord can sometimes get tangled, or come loose from the patient prematurely.

  • Motion Sensor

    Motion sensors are some of the most simple bed alarms available, using an invisible laser to track movement in the patient’s room. The major advantage is that it works without cumbersome cords or pads, making it a favorite among many. Keep in mind, the alarm will get triggered by any movement, not just the patient’s, so false alarms can be common.

Weighing All the Factors

The best bed alarms on our list are a good choice for anyone that needs to monitor an elderly patient’s nocturnal movements. With a quality and versatile bed pad, Smart Caregiver offers an option that is truly worth considering. Although if you prefer a tether or motion sensor design, the products by Secure or Sammons Preston are certainly worth your time.

Our Winner - Wireless Weight-Sensor Pad by Smart Caregiver

This weight-sensing pad by Smart Caregiver can run on batteries or a wall-mounted adapter, letting you use it at home or when traveling.

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