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The Best Bedside Commodes

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The best bedside commodes should be designed for durability, but also lightweight enough to be positioned where needed. Drive Medical’s folding commode offers a good combination, with a reliable steel base and collapsable design that’s easy to store. There is a lot more to learn about this product–take a look at our guide to see all the details for yourself.

Our Winner - Steel Folding Bedside Commode by Drive Medical

This steel folding bedside commode by drive medical has an adjustable height that ranges from 16.5 to 22.5 inches. Whether you are short or tall, you will always be able to stay comfortable.

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When choosing from the best bedside commodes, we think it’s important to look for a product whose shape and size matches the buyer’s needs. Since there are all kinds of different commodes out there, it’s not hard to find short, tall, extra-wide, and extra-durable bariatric commodes. See what kinds made it to our top picks, and see if there’s one for you.

Our Top Picks

Our Winner

Steel Folding Bedside Commode

Drive Medical

Steel Folding Bedside Commode

Professional’s Pick

Foldable Commode and Shower Chair

Platinum Health

Foldable Commode and Shower Chair

Top Choice

Adjustable Bedside Commode


Adjustable Bedside Commode

The 6 Best Bedside Commodes

ProductBrandWeight CapacityBucket CapacityAdjustable HeightBest Price
Steel Folding Bedside CommodeDrive Medical350 lbs7.5 qt16.5” - 22.5”Buy on Amazon
Foldable Commode and Shower ChairPlatinum Health300 lbs7 qt19” - 23”Buy on Amazon
Adjustable Bedside CommodeDuro-Med500 lbs7 qt16.5” - 23.5”Buy on Amazon
Padded Drop-Arm CommodeMedline350 lbs10 qt18.25” - 23.25”Buy on Amazon
Antimicrobial Bedside CommodeMedline400 lbs15 qt19” - 22.5”Buy on Amazon
3-in-1 Folding CommodeCarex300 lbs7 qt16” - 22”Buy on Amazon

Our Winner: Steel Folding Bedside Commode by Drive Medical

This steel commode by Drive medical gets high grades for its durable steel design that can support up to 350 lbs. It’s made to last, but is also simple to use on a daily basis with easy-clean surfaces. When it’s not in use, you can fold it up in seconds, and store under the bed or in any closet. Since it’s so lightweight, setup or takedown won’t be any trouble at all. Padded armrests add an extra level of comfort that you’re sure to appreciate.

Main Features

  • Supports up to 350 lbs
  • 7.5 qt commode bucket
  • Heavy duty steel frame
  • Adjustable legs from 16.5 to 22.5 inches
  • Can be folded up for easy storage


  • Wide range of heights
  • Medium-sized bucket not too big or small
  • Sturdy enough to support most users
  • Lightweight design is easy to move


  • While sturdy, the seat is not wide enough for some users
  • It may wobble a bit

Professional's Pick: Foldable Commode and Shower Chair by Platinum Health

This commode by platinum health stands out from the crowd with its bright blue padded surfaces, which makes for a much more comfortable experience. Its padding is also waterproof, so you can use the commode as a shower chair. The lightweight design can be folded in sixty seconds, so pulling it out of storage or moving it from the bathroom to the bedroom is always easy.

Main Features

  • Padded seat
  • Pivoting armrests
  • Waterproof design lets it double as a shower chair
  • Can be folded in 60 seconds
  • 7 qt commode bucket


  • Easy to clean
  • Attractive, modern design
  • Professional-grade quality
  • Adjustable legs with snap buttons


  • Lower weight capacity
  • Plush seat can get damaged over time

Top Choice: Adjustable Bedside Commode by Duro-Med

If you’re looking for an extra wide and heavy duty bariatric commode, this may be the best option for you. It supports up to 500 lbs, with a toilet seat that can accommodate virtually anyone. Slip-resistant feet keep it firmly planted on the ground for safety, while the textured seat will keep you in place as well. While the commode does come with some added bulk, it’s not heavy, and can be easily picked up and carried from room to room.

Main Features

  • Extra wide toilet seat
  • Supports 500 lbs
  • Can be positioned over toilet or with bucket
  • Slip-resistant feet
  • Plastic commode bucket is easy to clean


  • Heavy duty design
  • Lightweight, aluminum frame
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Bucket slides easily out the back


  • Bulkier design not ideal for small spaces
  • Bucket should be emptied after every use

The Other Commodes We Reviewed

Padded Drop-Arm Commode by Medline

The padded arms and seat on this commode are a major plus, as is the oversized bucket. Its height is adjustable from 18.25 to 23.25 inches, which is a little on the tall side, though it allows the commode to be positioned over the toilet for extra functionality. However, if you’re looking for a shorter or more compact commode you may want to consider other options.

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Antimicrobial Bedside Commode by Medline

This bedside commode by Medline features smooth, easy-to-clean surfaces with an antimicrobial finish. This makes it a good choice for anyone who prioritizes cleanliness. It folds up easily and can fit in most closets but still offers a roomy seat that bariatric users will appreciate. Keep in mind though that the chair may need to be disassembled to clean thoroughly, adding a bit of extra hassle to regular maintenance.

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3-in-1 Folding Commode by Carex

The 3-in-1 design in this commode lets you use it with the bucket for bedside use, position it over the toilet as a raised seat, or remove the seat entirely for a toilet safety frame. It’s the versatility of this product that really helps it stand out, and it’s even slim enough for use during camping. However, it also has the lowest weight capacity of all the options on our list, so if you’re over 300 lbs, consider another option.

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Bedside Commode Q&A

Learn everything you’ve wanted to know about commodes here.

  • Will Medicare Pay for a Bedside Commode?

    Fortunately, most bedside commodes are covered under medicare. You can expect it to cover up to 80% of the medical equipment, as long as you can prove that it is necessary for your health care.

  • Can a Bedside Commode be Used Over a Toilet?

    Yes, most bedside commodes are designed specifically to be used over a toilet. They can eiter be raised to position the commode seat above your toilet to serve as a raised seat, or the commode seat can be removed entirely and be used as a toilet safety frame while sitting and standing. Check on the specifics in the product listing to tell for sure.

  • How Often Should a Commode be Cleaned?

    If using a bedside commode regularly, be sure to clean the bowl after every use to avoid unwanted odors. Commode liners can be a convenient way to do this. When it comes to the frame, weekly cleanings are recommended. If you have small children, or if the commode is shared between two or more people, clean the entire frame on a daily basis to help fight germs.

Bedside Commode Features

The main considerations when choosing the best bedside commode have to do with size, weight, and portability. Make sure to consider your body type and room size when making your decision.

  • Weight Capacity & Durability

    Never use a commode that is not rated to support your body weight. Luckily, this shouldn’t be too hard, as most commodes can support up to 300 lbs, and some are tough enough to carry a full 500 lbs. Always check your product description first to stay on the safe side.

  • Portability

    If you plan on storing your commode in the closet frequently, moving it from room to room, or transporting it, be sure to choose an option that is lightweight and collapsible. There are plenty of different portable commodes that are made to fit into closets and car trucks. Convenient carry handles are also a plus.

  • A Wide, Comfortable Seat

    With so many different commodes available, you should never have to compromise on comfort. Choose a seat that you can rest comfortably in, with a seat width and seat depth made to your needs. Padded surfaces help too, though keep in mind they may be harder to clean.

Weighing All the Factors

In the finaly analysis, we found Drive Medical’s steel bedside commode to be a good balance between durability, portability, and comfort. It has a range of features that are sure to impress, and customer ratings that speak for themselves. However, not everyone’s needs are the same, and the bedside commodes by Platinum and Duro-Med may be just what you’re looking for. See for yourself what they have to offer, and enjoy a commode made to fit your needs.

Our Winner - Steel Folding Bedside Commode by Drive Medical

This steel folding bedside commode by drive medical has an adjustable height that ranges from 16.5 to 22.5 inches. Whether you are short or tall, you will always be able to stay comfortable.

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