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The Best Transfer Poles

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This security pole by Stander is one of the best transfer poles you can buy, with a wealth of features that make transferring into and out of the tub safe and easy. Install it in bathrooms, bedrooms, or living rooms with 7 to 10-foot ceilings and the tension-mounted pole will remain stable as long as you need it. Installation is fast and simple–you won’t even need screws!

Our Winner - Security Pole and Curve Grab Bar by Stander

The ladder-style handle on the Stander security pole is made to rotate and lock in place at 45-degree increments. This makes it easy to position in your bathroom for maximum effect.

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Our list of best transfer poles includes all the most stable, functional, and easy to install options available today. When choosing yours, be sure to find an option that fits easily in your bathroom while also meeting your physical needs. An ergonomic handle, sturdy pole, and gripping base are all musts. But the truth is there are a lot of factors and features to consider when shopping for these helpful transfer aids. Learn more below.

Our Top Picks

Our Winner

Security Pole and<br>Curve Grab Bar


Security Pole and
Curve Grab Bar

Professional's Pick

Universal Floor to<br>Ceiling Grab Bar

Able Life

Universal Floor to
Ceiling Grab Bar

Top Choice

Sure<br>Stand Pole

Signature Life

Stand Pole

The 4 Best Transfer Poles

ProductBrandLengthHandleRotatingBest Price
Security Pole and Curve Grab BarStander7 - 10 Feet1 HandleYesBuy on Amazon
Universal Floor to Ceiling Grab BarAble Life7 - 9 Feet1 HandleNoBuy on Amazon
Sure Stand PoleSignature Life7 - 12 Feet2 HandlesNoBuy on Amazon
Floor to Ceiling Transfer PoleStander7 - 10 FeetNoNoBuy on Amazon

Our Winner: Security Pole and Curve Grab Bar by Stander

With a curved grab bar, easy installation, and sturdy 300 lb weight capacity, this Standard security pole leads the pack. It features a rotating grab bar that locks in place at 45-degree increments, letting you easily position your transfer pole and readjust it as needed. It fits ceilings between 7 and 10 feet, with rubber pads that offer a firm grip and eliminate the need for screws or other damaging hardware.

Main Features

  • Supports up to 300 lbs
  • Curved grab bar rotates and locks in place
  • High quality rubber pads protect floor and ceiling
  • Adjusts from 7 to 10 feet
  • Available in white and black


  • Rotating grab bar is easy to position in any bathroom
  • Easy to assemble
  • Screwless installation won’t damage floors or ceilings
  • Adjustable height fits most bathrooms


  • Must be installed on flat ceilings
  • Heavy duty pole has more weight

Professional's Pick: Universal Floor to Ceiling Grab Bar by Able Life

The rust-resistant zinc powder coat finish on this universal floor to ceiling grab bar makes it a great choice for use in the bathroom. It has an extra-wide ergonomic handle which is easy to grip, located at about four feet off the floor for easy access. While it is a good choice for a bathroom, its slim design can be easily installed in bedrooms, living rooms, or anywhere you need to transfer from sitting to standing.

Main Features

  • Ergonomic grip handle
  • Rust-resistant zinc coating
  • Supports up to 300 lbs
  • No additional tools needed
  • Adjustable from 7 to 9 feet


  • Designed to fit into any type of room
  • 15-minute easy installation
  • High quality handle good for those with low dexterity
  • Won’t damage floors or ceilings


  • According to customer reviews, installation is more difficult
  • Cannot fit ceiling heights between 7 and 8 feet

Top Choice: Sure Stand Pole by Signature Life

What makes this Signature Life sure stand pole unique is its two foam-padded handles that can be independently positioned. This makes it easy to customize to your needs and access a firm grip on either side. It is also a highly versatile pole since it can be installed in rooms with a ceiling height up to 12 feet, if you buy the extension, or even grip securely to vaulted ceilings. The padded hand grips are always comfortable and add a bit of extra help when gripping.

Main Features

  • 2 handles can be independently positioned
  • Padded bases protect your home
  • Height of handles can be repositioned
  • High quality padded handgrips for ergonomic comfort
  • Attractive, modern design


  • Can be installed on vaulted ceilings
  • Can be installed on 12-foot ceilings with extension
  • Lighter than other transfer poles
  • No additional tools needed


  • Standing support handles are a bit smaller
  • Though pole wobbles a bit, according to customer reviews

The Other Transfer Poles We Reviewed

Floor to Ceiling Transfer Pole by Stander

Stander’s floor to ceiling transfer pole is a good alternative to bulkier options with its simple, pared-down design. The sleek design also makes it a breeze to install, and takes just a few minutes. The padded base grips securely to the floor and ceiling, letting you keep it firmly in place without the need for hardware. Keep in mind however that this pole lacks handles, so it might not be ideal for those with more severe mobility issues.

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Transfer Poles Q&A

Get the answers to all your standing aid questions here.

  • Are transfer poles safe?

    Transfer poles are ideal for patients and loved ones who need extra help sitting or standing but still have some leg strength. They are not recommended for high-risk patients who need help from a caregiver.

  • Can a transfer pole be positioned in the shower?

    It is important to ensure both the top and the bottom of your transfer pole are securely attached to a stable surface. Because of this, it is not recommended to place it inside the shower, as the slipper surface decreases stability.

  • Are transfer poles covered by medicare?

    Unfortunately, transfer poles and other standing aids are not covered by medicare.

Other Helpful Transfer Aids

Transfer poles are a great way to stay stable when getting into and out of the tub, but they should only be a small part of a full home safety arsenal. Check out these standing aid and consider adding them to your collection

  • Bed Rails

    Bed rails are similar to transfer poles in that they offer a sturdy handle to help those who need extra help to sit and stand. They attach directly to a bed or couch and come equipped with foam standing support handles and heavy duty metal frames.

  • Transfer Boards

    Transfer boards are some of the simplest transfer aids out there, consisting of a length of wood or plastic used to bridge between sitting surfaces. While straightforward, they are also highly versatile and can be used to transfer between chairs, wheelchairs, beds, car seats, and many other surfaces. They are best used with the help of a caregiver.

  • Transfer Benches

    If you need a little extra support getting into and out of the tub, a transfer bench will do the job. They work like a transfer board, letting you slide in and out easily. Except they also have sturdy bases that you can sit on throughout your shower, making them even safer.

Weighing All the Factors

When choosing the best transfer pole, it’s a good idea to make your decision carefully. After all, you are investing in your bathroom safety. In the final analysis, we think that the Stander security pole offers the best value for your money, with an ergonomic ladder-style handle and the option to rotate it 360 degrees for perfect positioning. However, the other poles by Able Life and Signature Life can be the perfect addition for the right bathroom and shouldn’t be counted out.

Our Winner - Security Pole and Curve Grab Bar by Stander

The ladder-style handle on the Stander security pole is made to rotate and lock in place at 45-degree increments. This makes it easy to position in your bathroom for maximum effect.

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