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The Best Nebulizer Machines

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After a thorough side-by-side comparison, we found that the best nebulizer machines on the market are ones that deliver needed medication quickly, without making too much noise. MAYLUCK’s handheld mesh nebulizer compressor does both while also offering plenty of other features like a self-cleaning system and waterless detection technology. Find out everything you need to know about this product below.

Our Winner - Handheld Mesh Nebulizer Inhaler by MAYLUCK

The handheld mesh nebulizer by MAYLUCK offers a two-mist spray mode, delivering fine particles more efficiently, and quietly.

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The handheld mesh nebulizer by MAYLUCK offers a two-mist spray mode, delivering fine particles more efficiently, and quietly.

Our Top Picks

Our Winner

Handheld<br>Mesh Nebulizer


Mesh Nebulizer

Professional's Pick

Portable<br>Compression System

Only Warm

Compression System

Top Choice

Handheld<br>Portable Nebulizer

Bauer Und Haselbart

Portable Nebulizer

The 6 Best Nebulizers

ProductBrandWeightBattery or Plug-inNoiseBest Price
Handheld Mesh NebulizerMAYLUCK.5 lbsBoth20 dBBuy on Amazon
Portable Compression SystemOnly Warm2 lbsPlug-in58 dBBuy on Amazon
Handheld Portable NebulizerBaur Und Haselbart.5 lbsBoth25 dBBuy on Amazon
Portable Compressor NebulizerMAYLUCK3 lbsPlug-in65 dBBuy on Amazon
Home Nebulizer MachineMGLIFMLY4 lbsPlug-in65 dBBuy on Amazon
Cool Mist Compressor KitBec4.5 lbsPlug-in65 dBBuy on Amazon

Our Winner - Handheld Mesh Nebulizer by MAYLUCK

One major factor that contributes to MAYLUCK’s top spot on our list is the array of features that help make usage and maintenance a breeze. Waterless detection technology alerts you when there is no water in the cup, while the self-cleaning function keeps the device from clogging. Plus, a multi-color LED indicator will let you know when the battery or medication is low. This handled nebulizer runs on 2 AA batteries, but can also be plugged into the wall to charge.

Main Features

  • Waterless detection technology
  • Multicolor LED alert
  • Runs on battery or wall power
  • Very quiet
  • Slim, lightweight design


  • Perfect for those who struggle with regular maintenance
  • Fast and effective mist delivery
  • Good for travel
  • Will last longer due to cleaning functions


  • Can sometimes spill if you’re not careful
  • Not as durable as some other options

Professional's Pick: Portable Compression System by Only Warm

While handheld nebulizers can be convenient, larger home models have their own advantages to enjoy. This portable compression system is a case in point, with a wear-resistant piston pump and a quality-made motor that is made to last for years. They have a 60-day return policy and year-long warranty to back it up, so you don’t have to take their word for it. The air filter slides out with a simple pull, making it easy to clean in seconds.

Main Features

  • Convenient carrying handle
  • .2 ml / min nebulation rate
  • 5 ml liquid medicine capacity
  • Easily replaceable air filter
  • Wear-resistant piston pump


  • Made to last
  • Though bigger, still small enough to travel with
  • Enhanced nebulation rate
  • Easy to clean and care for


  • Much bulkier than handheld models
  • At 58 dB, significantly louder than other options

Top Choice: Handheld Portable Nebulizer by Bauer Und Haselbart

Hasselbart’s handheld portable nebulizer compressor is another portable option that distinguishes itself with one-touch operation and the ability to be changed at home or in the car. It’s designed for portable use, at only half a pound, and quiet operation that can be used anywhere without disturbing those around you. It cleans easily with warm water and should be durable enough to make it worth your money.

Main Features

  • Very quiet air compressor
  • Only half a pound
  • Can be charged at home or in the car
  • Auto shut-off feature
  • One-touch operation


  • Very portable and quiet enough to use in public places
  • Produces fine mist for easy inhalation
  • Easy to clean
  • Perfect for all ages


  • Battery life is shorter than other options
  • Less durable than home models

The Other Nebulizer Machines We Reviewed

Portable Compressor Nebulizer by MAYLUCK

If you like MAYLUCK’s nebulizer’s but want to go with something more durable and reliable than their handheld version, try this option. It has a faster atomization rate, allowing you to take your liquid medicine in as little as 10 minutes. Plus, it’s still small enough to store easily in a closet or cupboard shelf. This model may be awkward to travel with and lacks a carrying handle.

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Home Nebulizer Machine by MGLIFMLY

This is a traditional nebulizer design that comes with the benefit of faster atomization rate and low residue and spillage. It features simple operation, which makes it perfect for young children and elderly patients who may be confused by more complex handheld types of nebulizers. However, do keep in mind that it’s larger size means that it runs a bit louder. You may want to keep it in a separate room when using it.

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Cool Mist Compressor Kit by Bec

This cool mist compressor kit is a good hybrid between portable handheld nebulizers and more robust home options. At 4.5 lbs, it delivers medication at 30 – 50 PSI and .35 ml per minute. It plugs into the wall when being used and is simple enough for both young children and older uses to take advantage. However, in addition to the louder motor noise, some users have complained that the machine vibrates while in use.

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How to Use a Nebulizer Inhaler

If you’re a first-time nebulizer user it may take a few tries before you have the process down. If you’re having trouble, follow our step-by-step guide and you should have no problem.

1. First, if you need to assemble the compressor nebulizer system, make sure the power is off and begin by cleaning your hands, and the device thoroughly. Then assemble according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

2. Measure the correct dosage of your liquid medication, as prescribed by your doctor, and add to the nebulizer.

3. Connect the plastic tube from the nebulizer base to the compressor. Then, attach the mouthpiece to the tube.

4. Put the mouthpiece to your face and be sure to hold your nebulizer upright to prevent spilling.

5. As the mist fills the mouthpiece, begin taking deep breaths. This will ensure the medication finds its way to your airway and does its job.

6. Continue breathing until the nebulizer starts to sputter and runs out of liquid medication.

Proper maintenance is important to ensure your nebulizer inhaler has a long life. Some models come with auto-cleaning functions to speed up this process. If you need to wash your nebulizer manually, be sure to take it apart completely after each use to wash away any residue.

Frequently Asked Nebulizer Questions

Learn more about your nebulizer by reading what other users have asked.

  • What is a Compressor Nebulizer System Used for?

    Nebulizers are common for delivering asthma medication, treating chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and other respiratory conditions. They deliver medication in the form of a mist, allowing the user to inhale the medication direcly into their lungs where it can target the problem directly.

  • Can You Get a Nebulizer Over the Counter?

    Most types of nebulizers can be purchased over the counter, although many of the medications used in it can only be obtained with a prescription. However many people use nebulizers with essential oils, or even hot saline solution, to help clear their lungs with breathing treatments. Be sure to check what fluids your nebulizer is compatible with before use.

  • Does Insurance Pay for Nebulizer Machines?

    Home nebulizers are often covered under the durable medical equipment clause of insurance policies. Be sure to check with your insurance provider to see if your reusable nebulizer is covered.

Weighing All the Factors

In the end, MAYLUCK’s handheld mesh nebulizer is our top choice, for its professional-grade atomization fit into a small package. It is designed to fit the needs of most users, while simplifying cleaning and maintenance with automatic features. However don’t forget Only Warm’s portable compression system if you’re looking for a more durable home model, or Baur und Hasselbart’s device for a quality alternative.

Our Winner - Handheld Mesh Nebulizer Inhaler by MAYLUCK

The handheld mesh nebulizer by MAYLUCK offers a two-mist spray mode, delivering fine particles more efficiently, and quietly.

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