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The Best Reacher Grabber Tools

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What all the best reacher grabber tools have in common is how they pair functionality with ease of use. Vive’s folding reacher grabber offers a long list of features that help you keep all your must-have items within reach, including a rotating precision claw and compact folding design. Though this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all the things this reacher grabber can do. Learn more in our detailed guide below.

Our Winner - Folding Reacher Grabber by Vive

This folding reacher grabber by Vive features a contoured ergonomic trigger grip, letting you grip faraway items comfortably.

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If you struggle with mobility issues, or just need a bit of extra reach to access high shelves finding the best reacher grabber tool should be your top priority. These handy household gadgets are great to keep around the house and can be used for a variety of day-to-day tasks. Want to learn more? Take a look at our top reacher grabber picks and see what they can really do.

Our Top Picks

Our Winner

Folding<br>Reacher Grabber


Reacher Grabber

Professional's Pick

Extra-Long<br>Reacher Grabber


Reacher Grabber

Top Choice

Foldable Grabber<br>Reacher for Elderly


Foldable Grabber
Reacher for Elderly

The 8 Best Reacher Grabber Tools

ProductBrandLengthFoldableRotating JawBest Price
Folding Reacher GrabberVive32”YesYesBuy on Amazon
Extra-Long Reacher GrabberEZPIK40”YesYesBuy on Amazon
Foldable Grabber Reacher for ElderlyZAYAD42”YesYesBuy on Amazon
Premium Grabber ToolFitPlus32”YesYesBuy on Amazon
Reacher Grabber with Rotating JawRMS32”NoYesBuy on Amazon
Suction Cup Reacher GrabberVive32”NoNoBuy on Amazon
Unger Professional Nifty NabberUnger36”NoNoBuy on Amazon
Reacher Grabber with Angled ArmTacklife30”YesYesBuy on Amazon

Our Winner: Folding Reacher Grabber by Vive

If you’re looking for a dependable, all-around reacher grabber, Vive’s design has got you covered. At 32 inches, it’s the perfect length to pick up trash or household items off the floor, while a 4-inch rubber jaw is wide enough for the most common objects, like TV remotes. The jaw can even be rotated to a horizontal or vertical position, depending on your preference. Plus, if you want to take it on the go, you can fold it down to half its length and store it in a backpack or car trunk.

Main Features

  • 32” of increased reach
  • 4-inch rotating rubber jaw
  • Foldable design
  • Contoured ergonomic trigger grip
  • High-quality, lightweight build


  • A great option for travel
  • Wide jaws can pick up a variety of items
  • Textured handle gives a secure grip
  • Lifetime warranty included


  • Not intended to be used with heavy items that may cause injury
  • Folding mechanism is a bit finicky

Professional's Pick: Extra-Long Reacher Grabber by EZPIK

This extra-long grabber reacher by EZPIK is the perfect choice if you often find yourself just a few inches out of reach with the typical 32-inch designs. Getting items off high shelves is no problem, and even taller users won’t have to bend over to pick up dropped car keys. In fact, the magnetic tip lets you pick up metallic objects easier than ever. The extra-long reach is paired with a tough ABS plastic rod, which is designed to last for years without breaking.

Main Features

  • 40” reach
  • Magnetic tip
  • 360-degree swivel and lock head
  • Foldable design
  • Tough ABS plastic for durability


  • A great choice for reaching items on high shelves
  • Nimble enough for even small items like buttons
  • A great long-term investment
  • Elongated tube resists bending or warping


  • The added length increases the grabber’s weight
  • The locking mechanism is not very sturdy

Top Choice: Foldable Grabber Reacher for Elderly by ZAYAD

The extra-strength gripper of this foldable reacher grabber is able to hold up to 5 lbs, letting you pick up heavier objects like books and bottles. The rubberized jaw ensures a comfortable grip, while the ergonomic handle allows you to hold on firmly without slipping. Even when handling heavier objects, the rustproof aluminum alloy shaft is heavy duty enough to resist bending and is made to last for years without damage. Even with all these features, the grabber is still only half a pound.

Main Features

  • 32 inches long
  • Heavy duty gripper
  • Foldable design
  • Made of rustproof aluminum alloy
  • Rotating rubberized jaw


  • Can hold up to 5 lbs
  • High-quality, comfortable handle
  • Folding design fits easily into closets and trunks
  • Rubber tips grip small or heavy objects


  • Rounded objects can be more difficult to pick up
  • Makes a squeaking noise when clamping

The Other Reacher Grabber Tools We Reviewed

Premium Grabber Tool by FitPlus

This premium grabber tool by FitPlus combines a number of handy perks that add up to a very effective assist tool. A magnetic tip and rubberized jaw lets you easily pick up large and small items of all shapes and sizes. On the other end, a contoured ergonomic handle and large, soft-grip trigger handle are perfect for those with a weak grip or limited dexterity. While it is lightweight, keep in mind that some users have complained of it bending after extended use.

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Reacher Grabber with Rotating Jaw by RMS

The rubberized jaws on this reacher grabber feature a special raised lip design to help grip a wider variety of objects. Coins, bottles, cans, and trash can all be easily retrieved and firmly gripped with this assist tool. Plus, the rotating head lets you get exactly the angle you need, so you won’t have to bend and strain your arm. Unfortunately, the raised lip design makes it harder to grip heavy objects when pulling.

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Suction Cup Reacher Grabber by Vive

This Vive suction cup reacher grabber offers a slightly different design. The slim and lightweight tips are capped with suction cups, making them especially useful when changing light bulbs or retrieving slippery objects from tight spaces. The paired-down design also helps reduce weight, making these a good choice for those with reduced arm strength. However, don’t forget that more delicate tasks like changing light bulbs will take a bit of practice to do easily.

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Unger Professional Nifty Nabber by Unger

The Nifty Nabber offers a specialized ergonomic soft-grip, which is attached in parallel to the reacher’s shaft. This helps use the tool without bending your wrist, making for a more comfortable experience that is easy on your wrist muscles. A built-in magnet and rubber tips are perfect for even small items. It is overall a good choice, though it isn’t well suited to lifting and grabbing items over a pound or two.

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Reacher Grabber with Angled Arm by Tacklife

What makes this folding reacher grabber special is that, unlike other options, it can be operated while folded. This lets you reach around corners, or up into high shelves to retrieve hard-to-get items without having to strain your arm. Of course, it also makes storage a breeze, as this reacher grabber can fit into many bags and shelves when folded. The only downside is that the tips aren’t magnetic.

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Ways You Can Use a Reacher Grabber

There are plenty of ways a reacher-grabber can improve your day to day life, but not all of its uses are always obvious at first glance. See some of our favorite uses to get some ideas.

  • Collecting Litter

    Reacher grabbers are a great way to keep from bending over constantly, but they are also good for outdoor use, to handle dirty or unsafe materials at a distance. All you need is a quality trash picker and a garbage bag, and soon your front yard will be free of unsightly litter.

  • Accessing High Shelves

    Whether you’re reaching for a book or a mixing bowl, reacher grabbers are good to have handy when trying to get out-of-the-way items safely. Some folding grabbers can even bend at the perfect angle to let you reach far back into kitchen cabinets for deeply-buried utensils.

  • Gardening

    As our bodies age, gardening only becomes more difficult. Especially those with lower back pain, the constant bending over can make pulling weeds nearly impossible. Luckily, reacher grabbers make it easy to do all your gardening, even if you suffer from chronic mobility issues.

Reacher Grabber Tool Features to Look for

Still not sure what kind of reacher grabber you’re looking for? Be sure to take all of these features into consideration.

  • High-Grip Claws

    Reacher grabber claws should have rubber tips to ensure a secure grip when picking up slippery or heavy objects. Some of them even have a textured surface, magnetized tips, or suctions cups for more versatile use.

  • Ergonomic Handle

    If you are already suffering from dexterity issues, choosing a reacher grabber with an uncomfortable handle can do even more damage. Make sure your grabber has a wide, comfortable grip with a high-quality trigger handle that won’t strain your wrist tendons.

  • Compact Design

    While a long reacher-grabber is always useful, it should also be compact so that it doesn’t get in the way when not in use. This is why folding reacher-grabbers are so popular, as they can be stored in shelves, drawers, or backpacks until they’re needed.

  • Carrying Capacity

    What kinds of objects do you regularly need to pick up? If it’s just a television remote or fork, most grabbers will do the job. However, heavier items like bottles and books may need a more heavy duty assist tool.

Weighing All the Factors

After taking factors like comfort, grip strength, and portability into consideration, we found the best reacher grabber tool to be the unique folding design by Vive. With a 4-inch rotating head and full 32” shaft, it offers everything you’ll need in a reacher grabber. However, the options offered by EZPIK and ZAYAD can also be a big help, with elongated designs and plenty of helpful features to consider. In the end, it comes down to what uses you have in mind.

Our Winner - Folding Reacher Grabber by Vive

This folding reacher grabber by Vive features a contoured ergonomic trigger grip, letting you grip faraway items comfortably.

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