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The Best Transfer Belts

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After searching high and low for the best transfer belt out there, we chose Vive’s transfer belt with handles as our top pick. Sturdy and adjustable, this transfer belt features a 4-inch back and 6 padded handles. Keep reading for our full roundup of the best transfer belts.

Our Winner - Transfer Belt with Handles by Vive

Made from nylon webbing, Vive’s transfer belt with handles comes with a 60-day guarantee for complete peace of mind.

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Transfer belts feature built-in handles to let carers find the best leverage points during patient transfers. This, in turn, minimizes the risk of injury to both carers and those with limited mobility. They are often used at home, in nursing homes or hospitals, and as a part of physical therapy. Check out our list of the best transfer belts, and pick one that fits your specific needs.

Our Top Picks

Our Winner

Transfer Belt<br>with Handles


Transfer Belt
with Handles

Professional's Pick

Transfer Gait Belt<br>with Handles


Transfer Gait Belt
with Handles

Top Choice

Solutions<br>Gait Belt

Dr. Moe's

Gait Belt

The 9 Best Transfer Belts

ProductBrand# of HandlesWaste Size (Up to)Strap WidthBest Price
Transfer Belt with HandlesVive651"4"Buy on Amazon
Transfer Gait Belt with HandlesSecure628" to 50"4"Buy on Amazon
Solutions Gait BeltDr. Moe's5Not SpecifiedNot SpecifiedBuy on Amazon
Transfer Belt with Leg LoopsVive655"4"Buy on Amazon
Transfer Gait Belt with 6 HandlesNYOrtho628" to 55"4"Buy on Amazon
Transfer Belt with HandlesTKWC INC651"4"Buy on Amazon
Lift BeltMedical King6Not SpecifiedNot SpecifiedBuy on Amazon
Gait Belt Transfer BeltKitchen Krush628" to 55"5"Buy on Amazon
Gait Belt Walking Transfer BeltL.E.D STEP6Not Specified4"Buy on Amazon

Our Winner: Transfer Belt with Handles by Vive

Designed for a waist circumference of up to 51 inches, this adjustable transfer belt has 4 vertical and 2 horizontal padded handles. Plus, it is extra wide for maximum comfort and comes with a durable metal buckle. This is backed by a 60-day guarantee, so you can rest assured that you are buying a quality product.

Main Features

  • 6 padded hand grips
  • Extra-wide for maximum comfort
  • Strong metal buckle
  • Sturdy and adjustable
  • Nylon webbing


  • Horizontal and vertical handles 
  • Fits waists up to 51”
  • Quick release latch
  • 60-day guarantee


  • The buckle can come undone 
  • Not ideal for very thin individuals

Professional's Pick: Transfer Gait Belt with Handles by Secure

Featuring a quick-release adjustable buckle, this affordable transfer belt is made from durable nylon webbing with reinforced stitching. It also comes with 4 vertical and 2 horizontal handles for comfortable transfers, and fits waits between 28 and 50 inches. This belt is machine-washable and comes with a 1year full-replacement guarantee.

Main Features

  • Affordable
  • Reinforced stitching
  • 6 handles
  • Belt is 4” wide
  • Quick-release adjustable buckle


  • Machine-washable
  • Made to last 
  • Comfortable transfers 
  • 1 year full-replacement guarantee


  • The nylon webbing can be slippery making the belt ride up

Top Choice: Solutions Gait Belt by Dr. Moe's

This transfer belt comes with strategically placed rubberized handles to maximize leverage during patient transfers. Plus, the handles are wipeable, making this product ideal for home, nursing home, and hospital use. The quick-release buckle means that the belt is easy to put on and take off.

Main Features

  • Rubberized handles
  • Reinforced stitching
  • Comes with 5 handles
  • Premium nylon webbing
  • Quick-release safety buckle


  • Wipeable handles 
  • Guaranteed to last
  • Simplifies patient care
  • Redesigned by a physical therapist


  • Can be too small for some users
  • Not as durable as some other transfer belts

The Other Transfer Belts We Reviewed

Transfer Belt with Leg Loops by Vive

What sets this patient transfer belt apart are its quick-release adjustable leg straps that prevent it from sliding during use. The vertical and horizontal side and back handles are padded for maximum comfort. This product is backed by a 60-day unconditional guarantee. On the downside some reviewers have complained that the product’s leg loops can be tricky to put on.

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Transfer Gait Belt with 6 Handles by NYOrtho

Adjustable to fit waists between 28 and 55 inches, this gait transfer belt adds an element of safety to patient transfers, ambulation, and physical therapy. Some other features of this versatile belt include a 4-inch back, 6 ergonomic handles, a quick-release buckle, and reinforced stitching. On the downside, this product can slide up on petite individuals.

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Transfer Belt with Handles by TKWC INC

This strong nylon belt is 55 inches long and 4 inches wide to reduce pressure points during transfers. The 4 vertical and 2 horizontal handles are reinforced with cross-stitching for a secure grip. The large buckle ensures easy adjustments and quick release, but it is on the weak side and can come undone.

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Lift Belt by Medical King

Designed to support up to 500 pounds, this bariatric transfer belt enables carers to assist their patients or loved ones with transfers from a variety of angles. Some of the highlights of this product include 6 padded waist handles and an adjustable metal buckle with locking teeth. On the downside,  some reviewers have complained that this belt is shorter than advertised.

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Gait Belt Transfer Belt by Kitchen Krush

Featuring an extra wide 5-inch back and quality stitching, this 6-handle physical therapy belt accommodates individuals with waist sizes from 28 to 55 inches. The buckle comes with locking teeth that secure the belt in the desired position. Please note that this transfer belt only comes in a 2 pack.

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Gait Belt Walking Transfer Belt by L.E.D STEP

With padded plastic handles, string webbing material, and quality stitching, this mobility aid can be adjusted from 28 to 52 inches. The 4-inch-wide back pad provides ample support during assisted transfers. On the downside, some reviewers have found this belt overly bulky.

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Q & A

  • What is a Transfer Belt Used For?

    Sometimes referred to as a gait belt, a transfer belt makes it safer for caregivers to move or adjust their patients. It can be used to help transfer individuals between beds and wheelchairs. Transfer belts not only minimize the risk of accidental falls, but also protect the caregiver from back strain.

  • How Should a Transfer Belt be Placed?

    A transfer belt should be placed around the patient’s waist with the buckle slightly off center to ensure optimal comfort. The belt should be worn over the patient’s clothes, rather than bare skin. If the patient is very thin or frail, it is a good idea to place a towel between the belt and their skin. When the buckle is tightened, you should be able to slide 2 fingers between the belt and the patients’ body.

  • How Do You Use a Transfer Belt to Support Someone Walking?

    When using a transfer belt, it is best to think about the direction of the transfer and follow the patient’s natural pattern of movement. Always hold the patient close to you and if possible try to keep one arm around them for additional support.

  • What is the Difference Between a Gait and Transfer Belts?

    Transfer belts and gait belts are essentially the same mobility device. Transfer belts are used to help patients get in and out of bed or a wheelchair, and walk short distances. Gait belts, meanwhile, are used by caregivers who take people with mobility issues for supervised walks.

How to Choose a Transfer Belt

Transferring people with mobility issues can be a challenging task. Luckily, transfer belts can make it a lot easier and safer. Here are some things to consider when buying a transfer belt.

  • Size and Material

    Transfer belts are designed for different waist sizes and sometimes have limits on how much body weight they can support (most support between 300 and 500 pounds). Before you buy one, make sure that it will fit the patient. Most transfer belts are made from woven cotton, canvas, or nylon. Some transfer belts can even be washed in a washing-machine.

  • Handles

    Transfer belts generally come with between 4 and 7 handles. Obviously, the more handles, the easier for the carer to maneuver the patient. Some handles are padded for better grip and control. Always check the quality of the stitching before buying a transfer belt.

  • Clasp

    Mast transfer belts come with either metal or plastic buckles that keep them in place. Both have their pros and cons. Metal clasps tend to be more durable, but they take more time to release than plastic ones. Plastic buckles allow for quick adjustments but are usually not as durable as their metal counterparts.

Weighing All the Factors

Taking everything into account, our top pick by Vive has all the features you could possibly ever want in a transfer belt. Made from nylon webbing, it is extra wide for optimal comfort and features a metal clasp. Coming in close second and third, Secure’s transfer gait belt and Dr. Moe’s solutions gait belt are also amazing choices.

Our Winner - Transfer Belt with Handles by Vive

Made from nylon webbing, Vive’s transfer belt with handles comes with a 60-day guarantee for complete peace of mind.

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